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Making Decisions for Dummies

Are you having a tough time making good decisions in your career? Leading in the face of constant change is tough. Especially in this age of COVID-19, uncertainty is our norm. Being prepared in the face of uncertainty is necessary amidst the struggles of the national pandemic. Today, we will… Read More »Making Decisions for Dummies

TBS Centex Coaching’s Dan Elder accepted into the Forbes Coaches Council

Forbes Coaches Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Leading Business and Career Coaches Jan 10, 2020-Killeen, TX Dan Elder, Founder/Managing Partner of Topsarge Business Solutions, has been accepted into Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches. Dan Elder was vetted and selected by a review… Read More »TBS Centex Coaching’s Dan Elder accepted into the Forbes Coaches Council

Coaching markers

Coaching Markers by Professionals

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At TBS, our personnel follow the Professional Certified Coach Markers, as established by International Coach Federation. These are the competencies that are exhibited throughout each coaching conversation by our personnel: ➢ Competency 1: Ethics and Standards ➢ Competency 2: Creating the Coaching Agreement ➢ Competency 3: Creating Trust and Intimacy ➢ Competency… Read More »Coaching Markers by Professionals

CLL Skillscope

Skillscope® the 360-degree Assessment tool

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Skillscope is a 360-degree assessment that provides individuals with straightforward, practical feedback on job related skills necessary for effectiveness in a management role. Skillscope’s simplicity – short survey and easy-to-read reports – also makes it an ideal first step for organizations that are new to the 360-degree assessment process. Special… Read More »Skillscope® the 360-degree Assessment tool